The Girl : Part 2

2300 hours


I had just finished my assignments and closed my books, and decided to unwind a bit. Both my roommates were fast asleep and I sat alone with my laptop. It was raining outside and I couldn’t get any sleep. Found it a little hard to sleep anyway, because bedbugs.

Hell no. I missed my mattress back at home. Not a single day went by when I wouldn’t hear it cry in my dreams.

Anyway, I’m on YouTube and search for some videos from Tomorrowland. Half an hour later, I’m learning how to befriend monkeys. Apparently, monkeys are very intelligent animals. Caffeine and YouTube are not a good combination. My addictions and I.

It is only after midnight that human beings tend to indulge in deep reminiscence and nostalgia. I closed my laptop and sat cross-legged, leaning against the wall.

Sometimes I’d just sit and wonder where would she be, what would she be doing.

I know, sounds very creepy. I wouldn’t be called a stalker if it were the 1970’s, and love at first sight was never questioned. But fortunately/unfortunately its 2016 where even opinions are taken into offence.

I get up from my chair, switch on my speakers and switch on my laptop. As crazy as it may sound, I look up every girl from the school The Girl was from. But to no avail. Its around 1000 hours and I was about to hit the sack with another night of failed optimistic anticipation.

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child. See heaven’s got a plan for you.”

Wait, don’t fall asleep yet. I found her friend first, and then her finally. Thank you Jesus and Ganesh ji. I owe you guys one.

Tonight the stars had aligned and for once my desperate attempts to find this girl were answered. She was right there in front of me. Right there! How could I forget that face?! Those distinguished features and the long black hair.

I take a lot of pride in being an absolute besharam and sentΒ her a friend request, and err a message too. That is the only day that I can say I’m very proud of my stalking skills. Man, would’ve I ever imagined that I’d finally find her. We started talking and became great friends.

Fast forward: 21st October 2016, Pune City

“Hanji? Where are you? The cab is under your building.”

“Give me five minutes! I’ll be right there.”


Five minutes later.

“Hanjii? How long are you going to take?”

“Arrey? I’m coming no! Using the stairs.”


Ten minutes later

There she stood right in front of me. Still as beautiful as I’d seen her one fine Sunday afternoon. I think my heart started pounding at the speed of light. You know how it’d beat before every Parent Teacher Meet at school? Yep. That bad.

I just stood there and smiled. Last time I was so nervous was during my class 12th board results. We hugged and I finally said something.


We went out for a lovely Italian dinner which comprised of me listening to everything that I could comprehend from her velvety voice. We had a great night, accompanied by dessert at Baskin Robbins.

When was the last time I was so happy? I don’t remember.

We said our goodbyes, and I dropped her to the cab.

I don’t know when I’ll see her next, but I will.

You know, some dreams do come true.

” There was a time
I met a girl of a different kind.
We ruled the world,
I thought I’d never lose her out of sight.
We were so young,
I think of her now and then.
I still hear the songs
Reminding me of a friend.”

Oh,and a huge shout out to Swedish House Mafia for always being there.






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