Greetings everyone,

This post is a dedication. A dedication to all of you. Everyone who is going through a rough patch, or has been through a rough patch, or will go (you don’t know that). This post is also dedicated to a friend of mine, whose name I shall not disclose.

Ladies and gentlemen, every once in a while you will come across obstacles in your lives. Problems. Dilemmas. Confusion. Dissatisfaction . Depression. You will feel like giving up. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You’re uncertain of the things around you. Afraid of taking risks. The question of ‘if’ will arise.

As to what I see is that there are two ways to this problem.

A car needs a driver to drive it. You are the driver. Better steer it.

You need to take control of your life.

You can.

You must.

You will.

You need to remember one thing in life. A storm doesn’t stay forever. Similarly, the dark times will not stay forever.

So, do me a favor. Bring a smile to your face. I know, it may be a little difficult. Are you aware, a smile is very infectious.  Bring a smile to your face and look at others brighten up! Positivity has no bounds! No limits! So you’d be doing me a huge favor by bringing a smile on that face.

Life isn’t just going to happen on its own. Remember, you’re the driver? So bring a smile on that face and go get what you want. The only thing that’s stopping you from getting what you want is you, yourself.

People live in a misconception that all that matters in today’s world is money. Yes, money is an important aspect of life. But, tell me, will it be of any use if you’re not happy? People say, money makes me happy. I’m sure it does. I hope you become a billionaire someday! I pray. But trust me, just how a kids loses its interests into toys and grows up to become mature. You will too. Throughout your life. You will realize then. Sometimes, I myself get paranoid about my future. I often hold conversations with my best friend regarding this. Have I seen the future? Nope. Has anyone else seen the future? Nope . The only thing I’m doing by getting paranoid is that I’m wasting my time. Learn to live in the present, learn to love yourself. You will do great! Most importantly you will be happy. There is nobody, nobody who can take away from you what you want. Nobody and I know that for sure. Because the desire you command over what you want is certainly more than others.

You have to give up the fear of failure. Self doubt. Negative thinking.  Just say, ‘No thanks, haha I’m full.”

Motivate yourself everyday! You are beautiful, you are handsome. You may not be the best, but you are a good human being. I’m a firm believer in God, not a deity worshipper. But I know he exists. He created the world and he holds the weighing scale of equilibrium in this world. He doesn’t discriminate between us.

Don’t take negative thoughts to your heart. You know yourself better than anyone. Nobody knows you the way you do, yourself. One can always lie to their parents, friends, the Almighty, but you’ll never be able to lie to yourself. As long as you live and prosper on this earth you will feel guilty about it. Self admittance is an important thing.

Whatever happens, its for your own good. Seth Macfarlane missed his flight once. This flight turned out to be one of the two flight out of 9/11. What if he had boarded that flight? Would he be able to be as successful as he is today? No Family Guy for us. L

So my friend, seize the opportunity. Its yours! Make the most out of it! Nobody can take away what you deserve. Nobody. Count every blessing. Spread positivity! Smile! Don’t waste your time worrying over things that have been in the past or will happen in the future! You don’t know anything.

Most importantly, you should know one thing.



Ps: I know the human mentality. Some of you probably think “Oh my God, why is he blabbering so much about life! Does he himself practice all of this? Is he successful?”.

Nope, I try my best everyday to be happy. No, I’m not successful. Yet.  I’m just doing my share of sharing positivity in whichever way I can. I’m doing my bit? Are you?

And this is for the others, I know you guys are and trust me there’s nothing better than that. You’re amazing.

Cheers to this life!

Lets make it count.



  1. Very True. Very Nice. I like the article and the way it has been narrated. The choice of words, the presentation and the meaning it conveys indicates that it’s flowing out of an experienced mind. Kudos to you. All the best.

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  2. Extremely well written note. Mature thinking, with clarity on thoughts. Loved reading it.
    Best way to propagate this idea is by living it everyday. Good luck.
    Siddhartha uncle.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hi.. its too good to read it thoroughly.. its a series of simple thoughts straight from heart.. i can relate more may be because this is my funda of life & believe i m happy & feel that i am leading a successful life as for me my happiness is my success.. cheers !..

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  4. Hi …. Really very motivational article , full of positive energy …. A power pack …. Yes… it is true no one can make u happy unless u choose to be happy….😊
    Bravo ….!!

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  5. You have found your calling !!!

    I am so impressed…..beautifully penned down thoughts. Pain is inevitable in life…it’s how we deal with it that makes us who we are…

    Keep it up !
    Never give up writing. ..you ARE good at it.
    God bless you !

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  6. Beautiful thoughts ….simply and beautifully penned…..shows the depth of the writer…..Kudos to you Dhruv……Keep it up!


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