Growing up.

The process of growing up is certainly not easy.

Dear teenagers, being a teenager myself I understand what one has to go through. There there! Its okay.We all go through it, some still are. Truth is all of us have problems in life. Literally, those who don’t have problems probably don’t have a life. What’s a race without a bit of obstacles. In this post I would like to talk about a few funny things that we have either come across, or will.

1. A conversation with your parents.Β 

Oh my God, this is already very stressful.

“Keep your wet towel off the bed!”

“I’m sure you’re going to meet your girlfriend!’

“Kaun thi woh ladki?”

“Petrol pee jaate ho kya?”

You’re probably lying if you say that you cannot relate to this.The truth is until and unless we don’t get independent there is absolutely no way to get away from their shouting and taunts. “What’s the time? What time were you supposed to reach home?” Dude, come on. I know I’m late! At least try asking the reason why was I late? No. “Pakka ladkiyo ke saath ghoom rahe the. Mera beta awaara hogaya hai! I’m not feeling well.” Fellow readers, all I can advise you is listen from one ear and let it pass.

“We’ve been through your age. I know everything.”

Mata rani, plz.

Courtsey: @indainboi on Instagram

2.Β Money

There have been a lot of times when I have heard people saying, “Bro, I’m out of cash. Cannot make this outing.”

Truth is birds of the same feather flock together. No matter how rich your friend is, but if you share the same mentality you will work something out. You know what I mean. Also, there will be a time when you start earning on your own and this won’t be a problem.

Also, no matter how broke you are do not get into drug dealing.

God bless.

3. Relationship problems

This isΒ one of the most stupid things I’ve come across in the life of teenagers. I’ve heard 15 year old kids say, “You don’t know how much I went through after I broke up with her.” Bro, you were born like what, 10 minutes ago? What has the world come to! We haven’t seen half of the world and speak such nonsense. This is probably the age when one should pursue a hobby or a sport. No, sit down and think 9 months in advance what you want to gift your baby doll on valetines day. SIMG_2116

4. Being constantly blamed for every random mishap.

Dad drops the water bottle. “Sab tumhari galti hai! I don’t know why I did’t put you up for adoption.”

Parents need to realize that there are a few thing which are based on the principles of science and nature. They are just not in my hand!

Younger sibling starts crying for some odd reason, my fault.

5. That annoying Uncle/Aunty

Every now and then you would come across some kind of uncle who will love to bring up the topic of your academic achievements. I have a life beyond academics, okay? Ya, I’m not very good at academics. Please leave already.

Courtesy: @indainboi on Instagram

I would like to sign off by saying that everybody will come across problems in life, some will have them early, some will have it later. Its how you handle them. Learn from them, experiences only make you wiser and smarter. More prepared for the next event.

Learn, perform and rise.



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