Dear Mr. Minister…. From Madhuri Dixit, with love.

I recently came upon this video from Times Now where a Telugu Desam Party candidate and Member of Parliament accused an Army personnel for joining the forces because of the subsidized alcohol and free rations.

Dude, seriously?

What I interpreted from the MP’s statement was that, all that mattered to him was ration and alcohol in life.

Wow. *Inserts clapping emoji*

So basically, Mr. Minister you mean to say that my father joined the Armed Forces for free alcohol and free ration? Naaaice.

Dr. Pandulal, have you ever wondered why are they allotted free ration and alcohol?

Why everything is subsidized for them?

Free medical facilities at Military Hospitals?

Ummm. Let me tell you why.

My father or as a matter of fact, all fauji dad’s are allowed free ration and various other facilities because most of them have to get their family moved from one city to another. Now the transfer may not always be to another metropolitan city. Mostly turns out to be a developing town with none of your shopping malls. I meant ‘our’ shopping malls. Sorry. We get free ration na? What has shopping malls got to do with us.

I’m 18 years old, and trust me when I say this. Out of the 18 birthdays he’s only been present in form of a physical entity for 3-4 of them? Why? Because my dear Sir, duty calls. Unlike your college cum parliament where you can go whenever you want. I regret to tell you that the Indian Armed Forces doesn’t function in that manner.

How would you feel when your wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter and you had to leave after a week of her being born?

Subsidized alcohol helps in bhulao saare gham? Haina?

How does it feel when you would not be there to watch your little princess take her first step?

How does it feel when you would not be there hear her speak her first words?

How does it feel when your own kid does not recognize you when you have come on ‘chutti’ because you had to grow a beard since you were on an operation?

I don’t know how it feels. I will ask my father and let you know. The thing is, I have never asked my father that why have you not been there for my birthdays because I know, duty calls.

And then, Sir you say “You joined the forces voluntarily!”


The men in the armed forces joined voluntarily because they wanted to do something for the motherland and thought that this was the best was possible to do so.

Arre haan. Also for your subsidized alcohol!

Once my dad was posted near the Jaisalmer border when the Pokhran Nuclear testing’s were in progress. When I had gone to meet him, I noticed that each of his limbs had bands on them on which his name and IC number was inscribed. I asked him what was that for, he said “This is if at battle I lose any of my limbs, we can identify whose body part it is and provide immediate medication to them.”

Wow. What was a six year old boy to think? At a constant fear of losing his dad.

So basically, my dad spent three years in the National Defence Academy and one year at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Wow maaen. So much for daaru na?

Here’s another story I would like to share about how my father was introduced to alcohol, who is himself an army officer.

It was in 1992, when he was posted in mountains of Kashmir. Recently commissioned, he was sent to a high altitude place for his first posting. Now, every officer in the Infantry is at some point or the other at a place where he gets to see some action. Fortunately or unfortunately, that happened to be my fathers first posting. Reaching the post was an arduous task. Lots of gunfire from the enemy. Goat’s as present for the troops. Long story. Would make a good story for another blog.

So what he told me was that. Because of the enemy gunfire throughout the whole day, even while you are answering natures call, bullets whizzing above your head he was unable to get any sleep. Yes, when death is knocking on the door you really don’t get any sleep. For weeks this happened and his health started deteriorating. The troops were worried. They would make him have a little bit of alcohol at night in order for him to get some sleep. That’s how it all started.

And is this how you’re going to end it?

I pity you Mr. Minister.

Shame on you.

Take your words back, and I’ll take my post back.



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